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Little Monk Tae Kwon Do

At Little Monk Tae Kwon Do you will progress through a graduated syllabus that teaches new techniques only as you are ready to learn them. Your Martial Arts training will be with students at the same level as you with friendly help from highly trained black belt instructors and senior students.

You will start by learning simple things like how to stand properly and will slowly work up to techniques like flying sidekicks and jumping reverse hooking kicks. You will be constantly challenged but never pushed beyond your limits. This keeps your Martial Arts training safe and enjoyable

You do not need to be fit to enroll because your experienced Instructor will bring your fitness level up gradually, according to your progress. Our Martial Arts Instructions are deliberately made simple, clear and precise so that you can confidently understand the techniques and practice correctly. Instructions are never rushed and your progress will be based on your own rate of achievement and capacity.

Our Martial Arts Training consists of exercises that may be classified as: basics (group drill exercises), breaking, hyung (patterns), self-defence, and sparring. Basic self-defence is similar to equivalent exercises in other traditional martial art schools. Little Monk Tae Kwon Do teaches the ITF style patterns.

Little Monk Tae Kwon Do, home of one the best Martial Arts School's in Ajax

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SPORT SUMMER CAMP 2024 Summer Camp 2024

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Classes is every Saturday starting January 9 @ 11AM.


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Little Monk Taekwon-Do was founded on family values and membership is very affordable so that anyone can afford to send their children to learn valuable life lesson.

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377 MacKenzie Ave, Ajax, ON L1S 2E2